How to read the Bible and listen to God

Quik and easy Bible study method

  • Read with the pen- Make notes,circle stuff,ask questions.
  • Hunt for promises - underline or highlight the promises.
  • Key words - look for those words that make the section to make sence.
  • Repeat,repeat - If a word or a phrase is repeated,its important.
  • If/Then or So/That - look for the cause and effect phrases in the Bible.
  • Therefore - if there is a therefore what is there for?.
  • Apply it - ask how this part of the scripture applies to me.
  • Use S.O.A.P - read Scripture,
  • make Observations,
  • find Application
  • and Pray.
  • Scripture - Write out one verse or passage that was meaningfull to you. Observations - What are some obeservation you can make about the passage? What is God saying about this passage? What do you learn? Application - How can you make this passage personal? What is something you can do today,to apply it in your life? Prayer - Write out a prayer to the Lord. Ask Him to help you with your application, or to reveal more things about this text,or to find a way to share what you are learning with others.

    A wifes prayer for her husband

    Thank you for your unconditional love for me. I am so undeserving, yet you pursue me daily! Thank you for your grace and for your perfect provision. I am so blessed and grateful for my life and for my husband's life. Thank for trusting us with each other's hearts, blessing us with the covenant of marriage. You have given us an opportunity to love each other unconditionally and sometimes that is hard to do, but I ask Lord that you would help us to love like you love. Please show me how to be a joyful wife, a compassionate wife, a humble wife, and a truly forgiving wife. I pray for wisdom. I pray that you would equip both my husband and I with whatever we are lacking so that we may

    bless each other and be a beautiful example of a healthy marriage to other couples. Help me to understand that my expectations for my husband may never be met, that he is human and capable of sin. Give me a discerning spirit and the courage to speak truth into my husband's life, which will encourage him. Keep words of disappointment and regret, lies from the enemy, far from me. Lord, if { insert husband's name } is struggling with anything, specifically { insert a struggle } please remove it from him. Heal my husband and give him a strong desire to seek after you. Amen

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